Sunbiz Search: A Guide to Accessing Business Information in Florida

For entrepreneurs and business owners in the state of Florida, accessing accurate and up-to-date information about registered businesses is essential for various purposes. Sunbiz Search, an online tool provided by the Florida Division of Corporations, serves as a valuable resource to search and retrieve important business information. In this article, we will explore Sunbiz Search and its significance in obtaining business-related data in Florida.

What is Sunbiz Search?

Sunbiz Search is an online database operated by the Florida Division of Corporations. It allows individuals to search and retrieve information on registered businesses in the state. Whether you’re looking to verify a company’s legal status, review key details, or research potential business partners, Sunbiz Search provides a comprehensive platform for accessing official business records.

Accessing Business Information:

With Sunbiz Search, users can search for a specific business entity by entering its name, registered agent name, officer name, or document number. The search results provide a wealth of information, including the company’s legal name, registration number, entity type, registered agent details, principal office address, and more. This information is crucial for conducting due diligence, verifying legal entities, and making informed business decisions.

Checking Business Status and Details:

One of the primary uses of sunbiz search is to check the status of a business entity. Users can determine whether a business is active, inactive, dissolved, or revoked, providing valuable insights into its operational status. Additionally, Sunbiz Search provides details about the filing history, such as articles of incorporation, annual reports, and other documents filed with the Florida Division of Corporations.

Verifying Registered Agents:

Registered agents play a vital role in business operations, serving as the official point of contact for legal and official correspondence. Sunbiz Search allows users to verify the registered agent associated with a specific business entity. This information helps ensure transparency and facilitates communication with the company if needed.

Researching Potential Business Partners:

Sunbiz Search is a valuable tool for conducting research on potential business partners or competitors. By accessing business records, individuals can gain insights into a company’s history, management, and financial stability. This information can assist in assessing the credibility and reliability of potential business relationships.

Staying Informed:

Sunbiz Search provides timely updates and notifications on businesses registered in Florida. Users can set up email alerts to receive notifications about any changes or updates related to a specific business entity. This feature allows individuals to stay informed about important events, such as changes in leadership, registered agent updates, or annual report filings.


Sunbiz Search serves as a reliable and comprehensive tool for accessing business information in the state of Florida. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, or researcher, this online database provides quick and easy access to essential details about registered businesses. From verifying a company’s status and registered agent to conducting due diligence on potential partners, Sunbiz Search enables individuals to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information. Utilizing this valuable resource can contribute to the success and growth of businesses in Florida’s dynamic and vibrant economy.

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