Network Solutions VPS Hosting – A Quick Overview

If you are one person who loves to control your account then Network Solutions VPS hosting is definitely what you should be looking for. The reason why I am saying that is because it has got plenty of features that would really be of no use to someone who simply wants to host a website with a couple of pages, and which would not require a lot of activity from the webmaster. In fact, it is a way of giving you an opportunity of enjoying the benefits of a dedicated web hosting without having to pay an arm and a leg for the same.

The Options

Although the Network Solutions Google gsuite VPS hosting is known to have plenty of benefits, there are two different categories that offer different benefits under the VPS banner. These two categories or options are: nsHosting VPS small and nsHosting VPS large. The two options mentioned here have got different benefits as mentioned below:

The Small

As you are likely to deduce from the name, the small option has got the fewer of the benefits among the two options available. This also means that one will be required to pay a lesser amount. Talking of a lesser amount, one will be required to part with $40 per month if one is to enjoy the services under this banner. The services offered here are many and we shall discuss them one by one.

The first thing that you will need to know is that you will not be required to pay any set up fee. In addition to that, you will be left to access 10GB of hard disk space. Well, this might be a small amount when you are talking about the hard drive space of a home or office computer, but when it comes to the issue of the space for website; it is truly a mind boggling figure.

The Large

The second one is that large option. Under this category of the Network Solutions VPS hosting, you will be required to pay $80 per month. Well, this is a tidy sum of money and you should therefore not spend it if at all you are not sure what you are actually going to get for the same. With this, you are going to get unlimited bandwidth in any given month in addition to a large amount of storage space. A large storage space enables you to deliver a lot to your web visitors without having to worry a lot about the issue of reaching the limit.


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