Look Slimmer Just By Wearing The Right Shirt

Did you think of “dress shirt? If you did, then your answer is spot-on! Designer shirts are not only men’s’ most common type of apparel, but also an all-time favorite. Be it business meetings, familial celebrations, hangouts or so, a dress shirt is an ideal choice for any given occasion.

Furthermore, dress shirts are available in a diversity of designs such as tucked/untucked, formal, casual, and wide collar/narrow collar. So whether you’re a simple and formal person or a more stylish one, there’s an array of shirts to choose from.

However, due to the ever-increasing popularity of designer shirts, they have somewhat monotonous. Every other guy wears it and therefore, they appear less appealing and distinct. That being said, there are few ways of overcoming this problem such as wearing the right style of designer shirt. For example, if you wear the right shirt, you’ll be able to attract attention even when standing in the midst of several other men (wearing designer shirts).

So that brings us to the all-important question: What should hoody Oregon I do to look more unique and attractive? Follow these tips when shopping for your next designer shirt.

Choose the Right Style
In today’s day and age, the importance of style and fashion cannot be denied. Dress shirts without style and appeal are as good as the duster in your house. It won’t attract anyone’s attention. On the contrary, it will make you look more like a fuddy-duddy bloke (the last thing you want). That being said, a great way of adding style to your appearance is by wearing an untucked designer shirt.

These shirts have picked up popularity in recent times. One thing that makes this shirt so appealing and unique is the “untucked” aspect. Walking around with your shirt hanging out, really gives a modern and stylish look. Moreover, these dressshirts have been designed in such a way that it gives a combination of both styles, i.e. formal and causal. So whether you have to go to college or a party, untucked shirts are an ideal choice.

Get The Right Fit
Another important aspect that contributes greatly towards giving you a scintillating look is the “fit” of the designer shirt. Now there’s a lot of complicacy regarding which fit is the best. The answer to this question varies greatly according to several factors such size, shape, etc. Generally speaking, it’s good to opt for a fit that is neither too tight nor too loose, just in between. This ensures maximum comfort and style.

One common misconception that fat men tend to have is that the baggier the shirt, the better you will look. This is completely preposterous and the definite recipe for a shabby appearance. Baggy clothes may succeed in concealing your bulging body parts, but not your overall size. On the contrary, the extra looseness of the shirt will give an illusion of an even bigger body. Therefore, it’s necessary to wear a slim fit dress shirt so as to look slim and smart.

Don’t Skimp On Quality Dress Shirt Fabric
This point is of key importance. No matter how good the style and fit of your designer shirt if the fabric is of poor quality it will destroy the style of the shirt. In short, it can either make or break the look of your dress shirt. Therefore, you have to pay extra attention to quality when buying a shirt.

Some popular and high quality dress shirt materials include pure cotton, twill, poplin, Oxford cloth (ideal for cold climates), Broadcloth etc. So next time you go to buy a shirt, make sure to explore a variety of fabric options and then choose one that appeals you the most (keeping its quality in mind).

Color and Design Pattern Make A Difference
Attractive color and designs patterns are another terrific way of adding style and appeal to your dress shirt. There’s a wide array of color schemes available for dress shirt, however, not all are ideal. Bright colors such as yellow, pink, orange, etc, are striking in appearance, but do little in terms of grace and appeal. That is why it’s advisable to stick to the tried and tested color schemes (especially if you are on the fatter side) i.e. black, grey, navy blue or so.

When choosing a design pattern, it’s important to first consider your body structure. If you happen to be on the heavier side, it would be better to opt for vertical stripes because it emphasizes the length/height of your body, as opposed to horizontal stripes that focuses on width.

All in all, wearing the right dress shirt will only not transform the way you look, but will also leave the onlookers in a state of admiration and awe. In addition, it will depict your personality traits (such as confidence, sense of style) without you even saying a word.

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