Dog Park – Top 7 Dog Friendly Parks In Sydney

Are you looking for a local off leash dog friendly park in Sydney? I’m sure you’re aware that exercising your dog is an important part of your dog’s health plan. Off leash dog parks allow both you, your family and your pet time to relax & play without the restriction of a leash.

Local councils are assisting pet owners by setting aside dog parks in your local community allowing the freedom for off leash play for your loved pet. Just like children your pet also needs time to exercise and burn off all of that pent up energy.

Visiting your local dog friendly parks also helps them best cbd for dogsLinks to an external site. to socialize with other breeds from an early age which is an important part of helping your pet be comfortable around other animals and people. Socialization also helps prevent them from becoming anxious when visiting new places.

Parks for dogs still do have some restrictions and prohibited areas include playgrounds and bbq areas to name a few. Most councils are providing dog litter bins at the entrance to each unleashed exercise area.

This list includes 7 Top Dog Friendly Parks in Sydney.

For more information visit the City of Sydney for detailed list and maps. You’ll also find links to Off-Leash Dog Parks in Neighbouring Sydney Councils.

Alexandria – Alexandria Park – At all times – Prohibited Areas: Oval, Playground
CBD – Cook & Phillip Park – At all times – Prohibited Areas: Playground, pool areas
Darlinghurst – Green Park – At all times – Prohibited Areas: Monuments
Elizabeth Bay – Macleay Reserve – At all times – Prohibited Areas: Playground
Glebe – Bicentennial Park (West of Canal) – At all times – Prohibited Areas: Playground
Kings Cross – Lawrence Hargraves Reserve
Rushcutters Bay – Rushcutters Bay Park – 4:30pm – 8:30am
Prohibited Areas: Reg Bartley Oval, Waratah Playground

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