Commercial Cleaning – How to Hire the Right Commercial Cleaning Service

The use of commercial cleaning services can save you a lot of money while maintaining your office in excellent condition. This is the preferred option compared to hiring a janitorial staff. You just need to ensure that you will hire the best possible service.

Compare a number of commercial Medical Cleaning Services Sydney providers. Shopping around is highly recommended as it gives you the highest chances of finding a top-quality service at an affordable price. You can consider conducting an online search or asking people from your business network.

Check what kinds of cleaning materials and tools the different service providers use. It is best if they use eco friendly products that are one hundred per cent safe for people. The chemicals should produce good results without causing damage to surfaces and posing health hazards to people. The tools have to be reliable and in good conditions. You would want to hire a service that uses commercial cleaning machines that provide for deep cleaning of all sorts of floor surfaces including carpeted ones.

Evaluate each commercial cleaning service for its comprehensiveness. Does the company offer floor cleaning and window cleaning or just the first option? Is toilet cleaning included in the package or does it come separately?

The flexibility of the service is another important factor to base your choice on. The service provider should be able to meet the cleaning schedule set by you as per the requirements of your company. You should be able to get the service in the late evening or during the weekend depending on your requirements. It is important for the provider to have a sufficient number of staff members so that the cleaning can be completed in a set time frame to meet your needs and requirements.

Check if the commercial cleaning service providers have their own insurance. This is important since you would not want to be liable for any accidental injuries on your premises caused by the cleaners. If the provider has business insurance, it should actually cover any damages and injuries caused by the cleaners on your property.

Price is essential when it comes to commercial cleaning. Most providers charge per square foot cleaned. The tools and materials they use, the size and type of commercial office cleaned and the area in which the building are all factors that affect prices. In general, you can expect prices per square foot to range from. Irrespective of the quoted price, you should consider asking for a discount, especially if your office is large and in an easy to reach location.



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